How to Make a Design Wall like Eleanor’s

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Eleanor Burns' Design Wall

Many of you have asked us how to make a quilt design wall as seen in Eleanor’s Koala Studio Makeover video. Well, we went straight to the source and found these instructions just for you!

How to make a Quilt in a Day Design Wall Items Required:

(2) Spray contact cement

(4) “L” brackets

9′ x 5′ Headliner from an upholstery shop

3/4″ screws

4′ x 8′ Sound board chop saw keyhole hooks, knife or scissors

(4) Wall anchors with screws

(2) “T” brackets

(4) 1″ X 4″ X 8′ pine boards

Making the sound board

1. Measure headliner to appropriate length. Allow an extra 4 inches to hang over on each side.

2. Apply the glue thoroughly to soundboard and back of the headliner. Allow 15-20 minutes for the glue to get tacky. It’s easier to do halves.

3. When the soundboard is tacky, apply headliner to the soundboard. The headliner will stick immediately on contact. Use a friend to help make sure you have it aligned properly to cover the board with equal edges on all sides. Once the headliner has touched the surface, it may be impossible to re-align.

4. Turn project over and apply contact cement the edges where the headliner may touch. Allow 15-20 minutes to insure tact.

5. Fold over the headliner and attach it to the sound wall. Allow the corners to be even.

6. Trim off headliner ears. When laying down the headliner, try to avoid overlapping the edges.

Making the Frame:

1. Cut (2) 1″ X 4″s into three 40″ boards.

2. Attach the 1″ X 4″ to make a 4′ X 8′ frame with your “T” brackets and “L” brackets.

3. Apply adhesive caulking to one side of the frame.

4. Press frame to the back of the soundboard. Put weights on the frame to help press it down. Let dry.

5. Screw key hooks to the back frame and to wall where desired.

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One Comment (+add yours?)