Katherin C. from Boiling Springs, SC

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I have a small room for my studio, so the correct pieces were essential for sewing. As you can see everything is well organized and right where I need it.

QuiltMate III Studio
is essential for my quilting, sewing and embroidery. I now have the Quattro 1 which does not fit in my table to be collapsed, so I keep it on top. The set was purchased for an older machine. It is still the best piece of furniture for my room.

is the keeper of all my fat quarters and essentials for quilting. My light table fits perfectly on top so it is always handy. I also use this for extra space when quilting. It is perfect for setting my iron and pad for quick pressing of seams.

Companion Chest and Front Extension Leaf.
This is piece is great for the amount of quilt making, sewing, and embroidery that I do. You would not believe the amount of room the leaf gives for quilting. Fantastic piece to add to this studio. I purchased the QuiltMate Companion Chest Thread Rack and put it in the top drawer. This holds one kind of thread while I have others on the wall racks.

Craft Center
is so easy to set up when you are ready to cut your fabric and easily folds down to give me more room when I am not doing any cutting or hooping. I love the Koala Cutting Mat, It fits the entire length of the Center when it is open and fits against the wall when not in use. This is an amazing piece added to my Koala Studio. One side of cabinet holds all my stabilizers and spray for my projects and the other has books and my essentials for my card making. So you can see why I love this little room and I spend most of my time here doing what I love best.

One day soon I am hoping to replace some pieces that are not part of my Studio for my other machines. For now my room is perfect. Everything where it should be and in its place. Fantastic

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