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As part of our National Floor Model Sale, we are featuring some of the awesome stores and shops that sell Koala cabinets. Today, we want to tell you about B-Sew Inn.

B-Sew Inn began in 1981 as “The Vacuum Shop” with 250 square feet of retail space and about $5,000 in inventory. In 1986, the store added sewing machines to their inventory, expanded retail space, and changed the name of the store to “Godby’s Sew-N-Vac Shoppe.” As the store began to thrive and expand, Mary Hess, the current owner of B-Sew Inn, joined the team and worked closely with management to create a long-term plan for the store. Putting her plan into place, Mary Hess grew the company even more and eventually took over ownership in 1995 and officially changed the name of the store to B-Sew Inn.

Currently, B-Sew Inn has five locations in three states and is the largest Baby Lock retailer in the country. The store prides itself on bringing its customers the latest and greatest in the sewing industry and places an emphasis on education, offering special classes, discounts, and much more for both public and private schools.

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