Koala Online Room Planner Help

Have questions about using Koala’s Online Room Planner?  Select a topic below to learn how to design the sewing room of your dreams.


Getting Started

The Koala Online Room Planner is an easy-to-use tool designed to help you select the right Koala Studios for your creative space.  Once you’ve launched the Room Planner, either start with a plan from our gallery (Option 1), or create a new plan (option 2).

Option 1 – Open an Example Design

Each of the rooms listed in the drop-down menu represents a room featured in the Koala brochure, as well as Sewlebrity sewing rooms.  These rooms have already been built for you- simply choose your favorite room and click “open this plan.”

Once you have selected a room to start with the room will appear on your screen and you can start planning your space. Its that easy to get started!

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Option 2 – Create Your Own Plan

To start a new room plan, enter your room dimensions and select the room shape that is closest to the space you are designing.  You can adjust the dimensions and shape later if you like.

Click “Create a New Plan” and your room shape will appear.

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Starting from a Saved Plan

If you’ve used Koala’s Online Room Planner before, and have created an account and saved a plan, simply click on the Login button before you start planning, enter your username and password, and the rooms you’ve saved will appear in the ‘My Plans” list.

Defining your room shape

You can easily change  the shape of your room by clicking on the corner points of the walls and dragging them until the shape of your room is complete.

Adding wall points (corners)

If you want to add wall points, or corners, simply place your cursor over any wall line. You will see a faded circle appear. Click to

add another wall point/corner and then move it as needed.

Deleting wall points (corners)

To delete a wall point/corner,  place your cursor over the wall point you would like to delete until the small X with a circle around

it appears. Click on this X and the wall point will be deleted and the line will be connected from the two remaining points.

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Adding interior wall segments, windows and doors

If you need to add partitions, doors or windows, click the Symbols tab on the left side of the screen, and select the structural menu from the drop-down. Click to place the icon on your floor plan and then rotate or href=”#ResizeIcons”>scale the icon until it is positioned to your liking.

Adding Koala Studios to the floor plan

To add Koala Studios to your room, click on the “Products” tab on the left side of the screen, and select a category from the first drop-down menu.  Then select an item from the second drop-down menu to see the available options.   For the sewing cabinets, there is an icon for each configuration – for example with the back leaf up, with the right and/or left palettes on, etc.  Click the thumbnail or click and drag to place the icon on your plan.

Adding other furniture to the floor plan

To add other furniture to your room, click the “Symbols” tab, and then select “Furniture” from the left drop-down menu.  You’ll find a wide range of furniture shapes, arranged by room.  This is a great way to see how Koala Studios can fit into your existing guest room, dining room, etc., to create a multi-functional space.  You can either click on these icons, which will add them to the room, or click and drag the icon to your floor plan.

Manipulating furniture on the floor

Arranging the furniture on your floor plan is as easy as clicking and dragging the icon to the position that suits your needs.

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Rotating icons on the floor

To rotate the furniture icons place your cursor over the icon until small handles (dots) appear around the icon. The corner dots (except the ‘i’ with the circle around it) can be clicked and dragged to rotate the icon into the desired degree of rotation.

You may also click on the ‘i’ in the corner to bring up the href=”#ControlPanel”>control panelfor this icon. From within the control panel you can set the degree of rotation or move the line in the circle until the desired object rotation is achieved.

Re-sizing icons on the floor

To resize the generic furniture icons place your cursor over the icon until small handles (dots) appear around the icon. The dots located on the left, right, top and bottom of the icon can be clicked and dragged to resize the icon.

You may also click on the icon (after it’s in your room plan) to bring up the  control panel for this icon. From within the control panel you can enter numerical dimensions for the length, depth and height of the piece.

Note: the Koala icons cannot be re-sized.

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Control panel

The control panel allows you to perform several functions easily from a single location. Simply roll over the icon you would like to manipulate until the handles (dots) appear around the icon. A circle with an ‘i’around it also appears in the lower right corner of the icon. Click on this ‘i’ to open the icon control panel.

Once the control panel is open, you can rename the icon*, change its dimensions*, and adjust its degree of rotation. Once you’ve made the
changes you want, click the “x” to close the window.

*Koala products cannot be re-sized or renamed.

Measuring on the floor

An important part of space planning is measuring the distances between two points on the floor plan. To do this in Koala’s Online Room Planner,  select the measuring tape tool, located in the toolbar above the design area . Once you’ve selected the measure tool click on the location on the floor plan from where you would like to start measuring. You will notice this point is now anchored and a line follows your cursor. Now click to specify the second point of the distance to be measured. The line will lock between the two points and give you an accurate distance.

Click again to start a new measurement or click on the pointer tool (arrow) in the toolbar to get out of measuring mode.

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Zoom In or Out

Koala’s Online Room Planner lets you zoom in and out of your floor plan to make more precise adjustments. To zoom, select the Zoom In or Zoom Out tool (the magnifying glass icons with the + or –) located in the toolbar. Once one of the zoom tools has been selected, click on the floor plan where you would like to zoom. Clicking several times will zoom you in or out several levels.


You can also use the slider on the toolbar to zoom in or our, or click “Fit to View”, which automatically zooms the floor plan so every item,
including the walls fits within the view.

Scrolling the floor plan

As you plan your room, particularly if you’ve zoomed in, you may want to move the floor plan up, down, left or right so the area you are working on is in the middle of the screen. This can be achieved by using the scroll bars to the right and bottom the floor plan. Simply use the scroll bars as you would on any web browser by clicking the arrows, the scroll bar or the area between the scroll bar and the arrows to move the floor plan to your desired location.

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Saving rooms

As with all applications, it is important to save your progress as you go to avoid losing your work and to recall your plans at a later time. Saving rooms is easy. Simply click  the “Save” button in the toolbar and your room will be saved. If you haven’t done so you may be prompted to register, login and name your room. Once rooms are saved they can be accessed from “My Plans.”

Create an Account

There are many features you can take advantage of by registering including the ability to save rooms. Registering requires only that you enter a unique username and a password. Make note of these when you register so you can pull up saved rooms at a later date.

You can register at anytime by clicking “Login” in the the upper right hand side of the screen.

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Save as

‘Save as’ is a function that allows you to save the current room you are working on as a new room. This allows you to quickly and easily create different layouts of the same room without starting from scratch each time. This function should also be used if you have made changes to a room that has been saved earlier to effectively save over the earlier version of the room if so desired.

Loading saved rooms

As you save rooms you can quickly access them by clicking “My Plans” in the toolbar. Simply click on the drop down menu and all of your saved rooms will appear.

If you’ve saved rooms but they do not appear, double-check to make sure you’ve logged in!

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Creating New Rooms

At any point in the Room Planner you can quickly create a new room by clicking the New button in the toolbar. If you’ve been working on a floor plan you will be prompted to save your work before creating a new room. You will then have a choice to start with a pre-built room or an empty room where you can start from scratch.

Printing rooms

By clicking the print button located in the upper left side of the screen you can print your plan to any printers you have connected to your computer or network. The printed floor plan contains a picture of your plan and  a list of the items in your room.  You can also add information in the “designer comments” section and choose to show grid lines and/or numeric labels on the icons in your plan.

If possible in your printer properties/settings, select ‘Landscape’ so the plan prints as large as possible.

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Emailing floor plans

The Koala Online Room Planner allows you to email your floor plans to friends, family, designers, and virtually anyone you want to share your plans with. When the people get your email they will see any comments you include and a link to your floor plan.

When they click on the link in the email,  the Online Room Planner opens up to a copy of your plan. Don’t worry, they can’t change your floor plan- they’re just manipulating a copy of it. They can then view the plan, make modifications and send you a copy that you can savedelete or modify and send back. This feature is helpful if you want to share your plans with a family member, your architect or interior designer or to a company rep if you have any questions.


To email your floor plan simply open the desired floor plan and click “Share” in the toolbar.

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Emailing a Koala Studios representative

After you have clicked the “Share” button, a window will appear asking if you want to email a Koala representative or a friend. Select Koala representative.

You will then be asked to provide some basic information to help the representative better answer your questions. Only your name, email address, and comments are required. Your address is optional but will help the representative find your nearest Koala retailers.

In the comments field be as specific as possible about your question and hit OK. You have now emailed the company who will either call you or email  you back as quickly as possible.  To contact Koala Studios by phone, call us toll free at 877-496-8060.

Emailing a friend

Click the “Share” button and select “a friend.”

You will promted to sign in if you haven’t already.  Then, you’ll  fill in your friend’s email address and add a message. Click “Send” and your friend will receive an email message with a link that will launch the Room Planner for them with a copy of your floor plan. It’s that easy!

Share on Facebook

Another option to show off your room plans is to use the “Share on Facebook” button.

You will be prompted to log in to the Room Planner, if necessary.  You’ll then be prompted to sign in to your Facebook account.  A thumbnail of your room plan, with any comments you add will be placed on your Wall/Timeline.

When your Facebook friends click on the link, the Online Room Planner opens up to a copy of your plan. Don’t worry, they can’t change your floor plan- they’re just manipulating a copy of it. They can then view the plan, make modifications and share it with others.

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When registering please note of your username and password in a safe location.  Usernames are not retrievable.  If you are unable to recall your username you can create a new account and recreate your room. If you have emailed your rooms to anyone simply ask them to email the room back to you.  If you forgot your password, use the Forgot Your Password link on the login screen to reset it.

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