Organize Your Sewing Space in 5 Easy Steps


We came across this article recently and think it had some really great organizational tips. In the article, they talk about how to organize your pantry, but we think you can easily adapt their tips for use in your sewing space.

Keep reading for 5 easy steps to get your sewing space organized!

1. Evaluate your needs. 

Make a list of everything you love about your sewing space, then make a list of the things that you simply can’t stand about your space. After that, think about and make note of the most-used items in your sewing space. Keep those items in mind when arranging your space. For example, the items you use every day should be housed somewhere with very easy access, while the seldom-used items can be stored in a more out-of-the-way area.

2. Empty out your space.

It sounds overwhelming, but this is an excellent exercise that will help you realize what all you have in your inventory of sewing & crafting goodies. You may even discover a few treasures you’ve been missing. (Not that that’s ever happened to us…)

3. Categorize your stuff.

Group like items together, such as fabric in one pile, notions in another, and so on. Knowing how much you have in each category of goods will help you when determining where to keep them, as well as if you need to purchase any additional storage bins or shelves.

4. Get rid of the excess.

Now’s the time to purge! Get rid of duplicates, items you don’t have a need for, etc. Throw away what can’t be used and donate the rest. Your sewing space will feel lighter, and you can feel good knowing that someone else may be searching for exactly what you didn’t need anymore.

5. Put Humpty back together again.

It gets worse before it gets better, right? Well, now’s the time it will get better. Once you’ve made it through the first 4 steps of this process, you’re ready to get your sewing space back in working order. If you are unsure of how to actually layout your space, we encourage you to use our Online Room Planner. You may also want to check out this article from Organized Home; it has some great tips for setting up your sewing space!

For additional organization inspiration, visit us on Pinterest!

Organize Your Sewing Room with Koala Studios


In honor of National Organization Month, we want to share a few tips on how Koala Studios can help keep your sewing room organized and ready for creating.

Organize Your Sewing Space with Koala Studios


Every inch of space on a Koala Studio can be used for storage. Every cabinet is customized to the users specific needs, and one of the options includes adding shelves to doors and to the back of studio via the Outback shelves.


Organize Your Sewing Space with Koala Studios


Speaking of the Outback shelves…baskets and bins look great sitting on them and help organize supplies!

Organize Your Sewing Space with Koala Studios


Each Koala Studio model have large, heavy duty drawers that hold lots of supplies and can be further organized with thread boxes, notions boxes, and drawer bins.


If you are short on space in your sewing area, the Storage Tower, RollAbout and Small StorageCenter can add a ton of storage in a small footprint.

Organize Your Sewing Space with Koala Studios


We know how important thread is to a sewist. Most Koala models are designed to fit a Madeira Thread Chest…lots of thread without taking a ton of precious space!



Don’t forget! We have an awesome Online Room Planner that’s a great tool to design your dream sewing space. Since you can digitally build the room to match your specific real-life room dimensions, you will be able to see exactly how different Koala Studios can easily fit into your space.


Your local Koala Retailer is also an excellent resource in helping you make the most of your Koala Studio, so don’t hesitate to stop by their shop and ask questions.

For more organizational tips to help in your sewing room, check out our boards on Pinterest!

What are your favorite organizational tips? We’d love to hear about them!

2014 Koala Holiday Sweepstakes


We’re so excited to announce this year’s holiday sweepstakes!

Koala Studios Holiday Sweepstakes


From now through December 31st, all you have to do is design your dream sewing room with our interactive online room planner, and take the print out to your local Koala Retailer. One lucky person will win a Koala Small StorageCenter!

Learn more about the sweepstakes here.



Holiday Sweepstakes Coming Soon!

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Koala Studios Holiday Sweepstakes


Come back November 1st to learn more about this year’s Koala Studios Holiday Sweepstakes!



Introducing the New XL Lift


Koala Studios is excited to introduce the new XL Lift, designed to provide the support and power required to lift today’s largest and heaviest machines.

Koala Studios: Introducing the New XL Lift

Powered by dual motors, the XL Lift features a rack and pinion direct drive system.

-The XL Lift is rKoala Studios: XL Liftecommended as an additional accessory for machines measuring between 22 and 27 inches wide and/or weighing more than 50 pounds.

-The XL Lift is an available accessory option for the SewMate Plus IV, TreasureChest Plus IV, QuiltMatePlus IV, DualMate Plus IV (right lift only), and the BERNINA Studio.

-The XL Lift cannot be added to an existing Koala Studio. The Baby Lock Destiny and Brother Dream Machine do not fit cabinets with a G3 Lift as designed or recommended, but if you wish to use your existing Koala cabinet, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The standard G3 Lift will support the weight of the machine in the top position with the machine platform level with the Studio’s top surface.
  • The G3 Lift can raise and lower these machines from the stored position, but the power cords should be disconnected and removed while operating the lift. It’s a tight fit, so please ensure that the machine has clearance around it.
  • Using these machine in the flatbed position with a traditional Machine Insert is not possible. However, the machine can be raised slightly and used with a modified Custom Insert that would rest on the Studio surface.  Your Koala Retailer can order this “modified” insert for you.

-If you are thinking about purchasing a new Koala Studio and don’t have one of these larger machines, but plan to purchase one in the future, it is highly recommended to add the XL Lift. Once the Studio is made with the standard G3 Lift it cannot be retrofitted for the XL Lift.

-Koala retailers will begin taking orders on Studios with XL Lifts on October 1st, and the Studios will begin shipping in November.  The XL lift option will be added to the Sewing and Craft Club soon.

Koala Studios: Introducing the New XL Lift

As sewing machine technology gets bigger and better, Koala continues to lead in innovative sewing furniture design. If you have additional questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments or contact your local Koala Studios retailer.



Last Chance to Save

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Today is the last day of our annual Floor Model Sale! Hurry in to your local Koala Studios retailer to save up 30% on a Koala cabinet.

Koala Studios: 2014 National Floor Model Sale

Annual Floor Model Sale


It’s that time of year again!

Koala Studios: 2014 National Floor Model Sale

Now through September 30, take advantage of special savings on Koala Studios floor models at participating retailers. Find your nearest retailer on the Sewing & Craft Club site.

Oh Sew Organized Winner Reminded of Home with Her Prize

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After moving to the United States from Australia over 20 years ago, Andrea S. still misses plants and animals unique to Australia. So when she found out she was the grand prize winner of the Oh Sew Organized sweepstakes and won a KOALA Studio, it reminded her a bit of home.

While Andrea misses some of the beautiful birds, flowers and wildlife in Australia, she loves this country. It seems like a perfect fit that she would win an American made Koala Studio as within the last year Andrea became a United States Citizen. In fact, the entire basis of the Oh Sew Organized sweepstakes was ideal for Andrea. “Right now, I am using two old bedside drawers, a mover’s packing box, and a variety of storage tubs,” Andrea said. “Yes indeed, my new furniture will help me organize my sewing room. This definitely is a dream come true!” And Andrea isn’t the only one who thinks she needs a little help with organization, her husband agreed with an enthusiastic “You NEED that StorageCenter!” when Andrea found out she won.

Koala Studios: Oh Sew Organized Winner

Andrea’s room before she won a Koala cabinet.

Andrea has had her eye on Koala Studios for a while, and it wasn’t until now that her wishing paid off. “I had heard of Koala Studios before the sweepstakes and wished I owned some pieces of Koala Studios cabinetry. For the past 31 years, my sewing table has been something I bought for $10 at a second-hand store in Australia. It’s functional but nowhere near as beautiful as Koala Studios. I am most looking forward to walking into my sewing room each time I get creative and seeing the elegant StorageCenter in American Birdseye Maple while having my threads, scissors, rulers, leather and leather tools, all the necessary bits and pieces, all in one place. I might have to shine a spotlight on it 24/7!

Koala Studios: Oh Sew Organized Winner

Andrea loves to sew all kinds of projects, which is probably why she has so many materials, but she especially loves sewing leather because it is challenging. As she says, “I only get one ‘oops’.” In addition to leather outfits and handbags, she has sewn ball gowns, coats, shirts, skirts, slacks, dog beds and toys, drapery, fancy dress costumes, and more. Andrea was more or less self-taught and has been sewing since she was eight years old. Her sister did try to teach her some new techniques when they were young, but that resulted in Andrea’s sister’s finger becoming part of the project. Andrea, a retired Royal Australian Air Force Officer, has never been deterred by blood, and continued to pursue her sewing dreams.

And her sewing dream is now more fulfilled by winning the Koala StorageCenter Plus IV. “Having a Koala Studios StorageCenter is not only going to remind me of Australia, but I will always remember the generosity and friendliness of the people at Koala Studios…Winning the grand prize in the sweepstakes really is a dream come true. I would also like to give thanks to Almighty God for His love and blessings.”

Oh Sew Organized Winners

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Thank you to everyone who entered our “Oh Sew Organized” sweepstakes. We’ve emailed all of the winners, so check your inbox! The email MAY have landed in your spam folder, so check there too.

We Have a Winner

Once we hear back from the winners, we will update the prize page with their info.


Koala’s Oh Sew Organized Sweepstakes


We’re excited to announce the Oh Sew Organized Sweepstakes! Starting Tuesday, April 1st, you’ll be able to enter for your chance to win 1 of 38 prizes. Prizes include a Koala StorageCenter, Madeira Thread Chests, and more! Learn about all of the prizes here.

Koala Studios: Oh Sew Organized Sweepstakes


Entry is simple: fill out the entry form on this page, and you’ll be automatically entered for your chance to win! You can enter once throughout the duration of the sweepstakes, but you can potentially earn additional entries for sharing the sweepstakes on Facebook and Twitter. Take a peek at the official rules, but feel free to leave questions in the comments!

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