Koala Studio BERNINA Models

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Bernina room_white

From L to R: BERNINA Sewing Station, BERNINA Studio, BERNINA RollAbout, and Storage Tower all in English White Ash finish

You find serenity while sewing and take pride in the projects you create, but does your sewing studio give you the same sense of satisfaction? Koala Studios complement your home as well as your creativity, providing a luxurious area for sewing and unsurpassed quality and unmistakable beauty. Most importantly, Koala Studios are custom built for your. From the height and color to the storage and surface areas, each Koala Studios is more than a home for your machine…. it’s a reflection of you.

Koala Studios has the whole line up for the BERNINA owner. No matter what BERNINA sewing machine you own, there is a studio to fit your style and need.

BERNINA Sewing Station

Find comfort, convenience and plenty of work surface with the BERNINA Sewing Station. 

  • Two convenient lift-up storage compartments with soft-close hinges
  • Magnetized notion storage compartments
  • Adjustable storage shelf below work station


Make your sewing and embroidery Studio as unique as the projects you create.

  • XL Electric Glide Lift
  • Storage shelves sized to hold BERNINA accessory boxes or Isacord Thread boxes
  • Custom Design embroidery module storage drawer
  • Custom design hoop storage
  • Right and Left Closing Doors
  • Custom Machine Insert available
  • Adjustable Shelves


The perfect companion piece for your sewing room when you need extra storage and space. Includes three large drawers and extra workspace to your suite by placing next to your studio.

  • Built at 35-1/4″ in height with Outback Leaf Extension
  • Store embroidery module in top drawer

Storage Tower

For sewers looking to organize their notions, the Storage Tower comes with five sizable drawers great for storing patterns, CDs, DVDs, or other sewing supplies. 

  • Five soft-closing drawers 
  • Built at 49″ high
  • Easily movable on four lockable rolling casters

SewComfort Chair

  • Customizable wood base finish to match studio
  • Cushion available in four colors: Jade, Mocha, Sapphire, and Wine
  • Foot rest
  • 6-way adjustments allowing you to sew with the ultimate comfort
  • Extends in hight to accommodate all studio heights

Choose Your Finish 

8 colors to choose from

Choose from eight different elegant features. With wood grain ticking and rich color, each studio is as stunning as it is durable. Every inch of your studio — inside and out, including the rounded corners and beveled edges — is finished with Koala’s exclusive mar-resistant and water-resistant veneer. Finishes also available on Koala Studio accessories.

Create your dream sewing space with Koala Studios!

Find a local BERNINA dealer nearest you here

Koala Studios 2017 Floor Model Sale

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Bring your dream sewing room to life during our National Floor Model Sale. Save up to 30% Off MSRP at your local participating Koala retailer. Now is your chance to get the lowest prices of the year on floor models loaded with high-end features. While supplies last.

Shop and save on sewing models like the Artisan, Quiltmate Plus IV, Storage Tower, QuiltPro Plus IV, Small Storage Center, CraftPro Plus IV, Dualmate Plus IV and StorageCenter Plus IV.

*at participating locations

Try Koala’s Online Room Planner and find a retailer to help you transform your extra space into a beautiful sewing room.
Find your local Koala Studio Retailer here.


The Sewing Station

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Introducing The Koala Sewing Station

Comfort, convenience and plenty of work surface. The Koala Sewing Station gives you the perfect home for your machine and supplies. Offering a generous work surface and lift-up storage compartments with soft-close hinges. Perfect for  your everyday essential sewing needs

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 11.29.04 AM

Dimensions: 29-1/4″ Standard Height, 53″ width, 29-3/4″ depth. Shown with optional notion boxes and SewComfort Chair.

The Koala Sewing Station provides:

1. Spacious work surface accommodates most projects.

2. Built at a standard height of 29-1/4″.

3. Two convenient lift-up storage compartments with soft-close hinges, magnetized notion storage compartments and an adjustable storage shelf below the work station.

4. Stationary machine platform, no electric lift.

5. Cord and Lamp Ports (shown with optional Slimline Lamp, sold separately).

6. Rounded corners and beveled edges prevent fabric snags.

7. Designed to be used with or without casters (not shown). Casters add 2-1/2″ to the height.

The Sewing Station offers an abundance of storage and a generous sewing surface with rounded corners and beveled edges which prevent fabric snags. The Sewing Station accommodates most machines. Please check with your retailer to determine if your machine will fit.

Optional Accessories for the Sewing Station


KSQM4-5 Bins_18


Organize Your Space

  • Store your thread and notions in these convenient boxes. This set includes 3 thread boxes and 2 notions bins.




SewComfort Chair


Matching Koala SewComfort Chair

  • Choose your fabric color and base finish to complement your Sewing Station. The SewComfort Chair has six-way adjustments provide hours of comfort




KSSlimline Lamp_clpd


Slimline Table Lamp

  • The optional Daylight Slimline Table Lamp attaches to your Sewing Station. Ideal for all types of sewing and quilting. Provides wide, even light coverage, reduce eye strain and allows true matching,



Choose Your Finish 

8 colors to choose from

The Sewing Station is available in eight elegant finishes.

Visit your Koala Retailer today to learn more about the Sewing Station!




Koala Slimline Artisan

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Presenting the Koala Slimline Artisan Studio

Spacious storage and workspace for the quilting enthusiast! The Koala Slimline Artisan has been thoughtfully designed for the embroiderer with specialized storage for your embroidery module and hoops, and a slide-out Thread Closet for 100 spools of thread-all in a space-saving studio less than 4-1/2 feet wide.


The Slimline Artisan is the ultimate studio for smaller spaces.

1. 3-1/2″ inches deeper than standard Koala Studios.

2. Built-in, glide-out Thread Closet holds 100 spools of thread.

3. Built-in, glide out Embroidery Module Closet provides convenient storage for your embroidery attachment.

4. XL Life is included as a standard base model feature and smoothly raises and lowers large, heavy machines. Sew and embroider at high speeds without platform vibration.

5. Right and left palettes attach to the bi-fold doors for expanded work surface and storage.

6. Doors fold flat to the sides when not in use.

7. Built to a standard height of 29-1/4.” Add 3″ or 6″ of extra height (optional).

8. Rounded corners and beveled edges prevent fabric snags.

9. Convenient hoop storage.

10. Easy-roll, lockable casters.

The Koala Slimline Artisan integrates Koala’s best design features into a studio that fits into smaller spaces. The Slimline Artisan is ideal for top-of-the-line Baby Lock and Brother sewing and embroidery machines, as well as many other makes and models. Not all embroidery modules will fit in the glide-out Embroidery Module Closet, confirm machine model prior to placing an order.

Base Model Includes: XL Lift, Left And Right Front Door Shelves, Notion And Fabric Palettes, Embroidery Module Closet And Thread Closet. 29-1/4″ Standard Height.


Optional Accessories for the Slimline Artisan


Outback Leaf Extension

Outback Leaf Extension

  • Outback leaf easily folds open and closed; held in place with two sturdy supports, and adds 23-3/4″ of work surface space to the top of the studio.
  • Add optional Outback Shelves below Outback leaf extensions to maximize storage.

Custom Machine XL Insert

 Custom Machine XL Insert

  • Custom made to your machine’s make and model in the exact finish as your Koala Studio.




SewComfort Chair

 Matching Koala SewComfort Chair

  • Choose your preferred color and base finish to complement your Koala Slimline Artisan. Six-way adjustments provide hours of sewing comfort with a SewComfort Chair.




RollAbout Plus IV

 Coordinating Artisan RollAbout Plus IV

  • The optional Artisan RollAbout Plus IV storage chest is built 3-1/2″ deeper to perfectly match with the Slimline Artisan cabinet for even more storage and workspace.






Don’t forget to store your thread and notions in storage boxes & bins available for purchase at your local Koala Retailer. This set includes three thread boxes and two notion bins.

Choose Your Finish 

8 colors to choose from

The Slimline Artisan is available in eight elegant finishes.

Visit your Koala Retailer today to take home a Slimline Artisan!



Koala Studios National Floor Model Sale

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Now through August 31st, take advantage of special savings on Koala Studios floor models at participating retailers. Find your nearest retailer on the Sewing & Craft Club site.



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